Business: Theory and Practice 7(1): 32-36, doi: 10.3846/btp.2006.05
Public – Private Partnership – a New Way to Attract Investments
expand article infoLinas Vytautas Karlavičius
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In recent years a marked increase in cooperation between public and private sectors is seen for the development a wide range of economic activities. Such Public – Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements were driven by the limitations in public funds to cover investment needs and also to increase the quality and efficiency of public services. Different aspects of PPP implementation are treated in the article. Considering risk, there are substantiated conditions for possibility to apply the principal of investments with effectivity approach of public interest. Primarily, in the article the public benefit is discussed. Secondly, negative outcome or public risk is disputed. The authors concluded the analysis of problem formulating conditions for applying PPP with maximum public benefit and relative minimum risk.

Public–Private Partnerships; investments; PPP principals; risk infrastructure; assets