Business: Theory and Practice 8(1): 14-18, doi: 10.3846/btp.2007.03
Hierarchical Structuring of Processes and Phenomena
expand article infoRomualdas Ginevičius
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To assess, analyse and control complex processes and phenomena, the knowledge of their inherent structure is needed. The structures describing it are hierarchical because there is a subordinating relationship between their elements and groups of elements. The formation of the structure of a particular process or phenomenon commences by grouping its elements into relational groups. If the number of elements in a group is too large, an additional hierarchical level is formed. If the number of groups of elements is too large, yet another level is added to reduce this number. Hierarchical structures obtained in this way can be quantitatively evaluated by well-known and widely used mathematical methods.


complex processes and phenomena; hierarchical structures; expert evaluation