Business: Theory and Practice 8(1): 19-23, doi: 10.3846/btp.2007.04
Historical Methodological Aspect of Labour Market Conception
expand article infoAlgis Sileika, Daiva Andriušaitienė
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What is the commodity in the labour market – labour force, labour or labour services? What is the labour market? What is the difference between labour force market and labour resources market? Rather frequent confusion of these conceptions (even in scientific literature) shows that these conceptions are not clearly conceptually determined. The article indicates that not labour force but labour – functional status of labour force – is purchased in the market. Namely labour is the main object of labour demand and supply. All relations with labour market subjects focus on hiring relations and these become the main conditioning element. Thus when designing the measures of labour market policy and looking for their improvement, it is important to remember that driving forces as well as “short” places of essential factors determining the working of economic mechanism focus namely on hiring relations.


labour force; labour; labour market; hiring relations