Business: Theory and Practice 8(4): 195-203, doi: 10.3846/btp.2007.28
Competitiveness and Knowledge-Based Economy: Information and Communication Technology Impact Evaluation
expand article infoVasyl H. Gerasymchuk, Taras V. Sakalosh
Open Access

The article reveals economy competitiveness and knowledge-based economy questions and the basis of information and communication technologies influence on this.  Methods and competitiveness estimation are presented. The work contains the methods of competitiveness estimation; researching of competitiveness level, human development index, science linkage index of GDP in Ukraine and the stage of high technology development. The authors evaluate the information and communication technologies influence on knowledge-based economy and country’s common wealth.


competitiveness; knowledge-based economy; human development index; science linkage index of GDP; information and communication technologies; information and communication technologies impact