Business: Theory and Practice 9(1): 17-21, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2008.9.17-21
Some Ways of Efficient Warehouse Management Method „Finished Production“ Use in Manufacturing Enterprise
expand article infoGeorge Tzvetkov
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In the pre­sent pa­per pos­sib­le wa­ys of wa­re­hou­se ma­na­ge­ment met­hod „Fi­nis­hed Pro­duc­tion“ are being ana­ly­zed; ef­fi­cien­cy of ma­nu­fac­tu­ring pro­cess is se­en as the ul­ti­ma­te aim. Ef­fect is de­fi­ned by ta­king in­to ac­count the term of de­li­ve­ring of al­re­a­dy fi­nis­hed pro­duc­tion to the wa­re­hou­se.


management of manufacturing process; efficiency; annual production; production cycle; efficient time