Business: Theory and Practice 9(2): 81-87, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2008.9.81-87
A Feasibility Study of Multicriteria Methods’ Application to Quantitative Evaluation of Social Phenomena
expand article infoRomualdas Ginevičius
Open Access

In recent years, versatile multicriteria evaluation methods (MCEM) have been increasingly used in theoretical research and practical decision making. This means that any complicated phenomenon described by a set of criteria can be quantitatively evaluated by these methods. In any case, decision making is aimed at ranking the available alternatives of the phenomenon considered. However, sometimes, quantitative evaluation of one or all the alternatives without their ranking is required. This particularly applies to social phenomena which can hardly be evaluated by the currently used multicriteria approaches. Therefore, the area of MCEM application is limited.


multicriteria evaluation; data normalization.