Business: Theory and Practice 9(4): 253-260, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2008.9.253-260
Propensity to Emigrate: Driving Forces’ Search
expand article infoŠarūnas Bruzgė, Manuela Tvaronavičienė
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Presented paper aims to reveal new aspects of propensity to emigrate. Overview of prevailing emigration theories is being followed by insight into current emigration tendencies in the European Union. Authors point out, that, despite economic driving forces are rather significant, they alone can not explain why similarly developed countries demonstrate different propensity to emigrate. Difference between qualified and low-qualified labour markets has been distinguished. Driving forces initiating emigration of qualified labour force are being discussed by taking a closer look at supply and demand of knowledge-susceptible employees. Structure of Lithuanian economy, number of universities’ graduates, and responses of 1001 business enterprises about supply and demand of high-skilled employees have been taken into account. Applied approach let to reveal new aspects of qualified labour force emigration motives.


emigration motives; qualified labour force; emigration in Lithuania