Business: Theory and Practice 9(4): 261-271, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2008.9.261-271
Innovation Team Forming and the Modification of its Behaviour in an Enterprise
expand article infoIrena Zabielavičienė
Open Access

The present paper is concerned with forming of an innovation team and the modification of its behaviour in conformity with the main statements of organizational behaviour and management psychology. The drawn up logical scheme of forming an innovation team embraces the active processes of its formation, differentiation, integration and its mature stage as well as its correlation processes with the team’s effectiveness factors and the potential psychological problems. The problems of the inner compatibility of the individual members as well as their personal creativity, the stimuli for their private motivation and their impact on the general record are taken into account.

The alternatives of the productivity increase means, taking into consideration the concord of the team and its rate, are also looked into. The analysis of the appropriate ways of thinking and the tolerance of indeterminate combinations are also dealt with. The desirable aspects of the ethical behaviour of the team members are analysed as well in the given paper. The aspects of the perception of the working environment and its impact on the records of the innovation team are fully considered. Side by side with the innovation team behaviour assessment, resulting from the functional analysis, the logical scheme and the behaviour modification stages of the team are presented.


innovation; team; behaviour; innovation management; team work