Business: Theory and Practice 10(1): 55-62, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2009.10.55-62
Risk Sources, Influencing Factors and Measures in One Cash Flow of Commercial Banks‘ Main Activity
expand article infoBirutė Vasarevičienė
Open Access

Using theoretical material, statistics and having done analysis and comparisons, commercial banks‘ main activity, its risks and cash flows are discussed in the article. Further, one typical cash flow – the process, identified risk and risk factors having influence on the process reliability as well as mitigating measures have been analysed. At the end of the article evaluation of operational risk management tools to ensure reliability of selected activity implementation significancy is presented. Taking into consideration investigation results on the analysed issue, opinion presented in the article is that there are two factor groups influencing reliability and risk of time deposits, i.e. internal factors – bank employees and information technologies, and external factors – customers. Measures to manage process risks arising due to both factors groups are proposed in the article.


risk; operational risk; main bank’s activity; risk management measures