Business: Theory and Practice 10(2): 93-106, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2009.10.93-106
Multicriteria Evaluation of New Service Technology Suitability
expand article infoJuozas Bivainis, Rolandas Drejeris
Open Access

Business does not have unanimous methodologies for evaluation of new service technology suitability. There is argued necessity of new service technology suitability evaluation in the article, other conditions are talked over, 34 criteria are identified which are topical for service business, and also model based on modified COPRAS multicriteria evaluation is proposed. For reducing expenditure the offered evaluation is substantiated by two stages. There is a scheduled evaluation according to 7 essential criteria in the first stage. The technologies of new service, which do not meet at least one essential criterion, are treated like unworkable and have to be rejected. Such mode of evaluation permits to escape non-productive expenditure.


business of services; new services; service’s technology; multicriteria evaluation