Business: Theory and Practice 10(2): 142-149, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2009.10.142-149
Accession to the European Union: Impact of Legislation Change on Performance of Lithuanian Companies
expand article infoIrina Travkina, Gitana Dudzeviciute, Liuda Maciukevičienė
Open Access

The paper focuses on implications of the EU accession for competitiveness of New Member States, and specifically, Lithuania. Basing on a case study analysis of internationally trading Lithuanian company, effects on its performance, caused by European trade regulation, are being revealed. Authors raise a question whether the EU accession facilitated international trade for newcomers, and if not, what reasons conditioned unfavourable effects. Subjective and objective factors impacting business activity in the after-transition years are being considered.


international trade; Lithuania’s accession to the EU; competitiveness; banana trade case