Business: Theory and Practice 10(2): 159-171, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2009.10.159-171
Features, Possibilities and Problems of Academic E-Publishing in Lithuania
expand article infoNarimantas Paliulis, Eleonora Dagiene
Open Access

It is of remarkable importance for publishing academic, especially research articles, that carefully selected, reviewed and prepared research articles, conference proceedings were published and distributed not only in a traditional, but also in an electronic way. The effective use of contemporary possibilities of electronic publishing is important for wider distribution of publications in an electronic space. The article analyses presentation ways of research articles published by Lithuanian higher education institutions and the use of contemporary technologies in electronic publishing for the purpose of wider distribution of publications in the world. Different types of institutional repositories in the world and Lithuania, their main goals, advantages and disadvantages, the most important criteria for the selection of institutional repositories type were presented in the article. Digital object identifiers (URN, PURL, Doi, etc.) were studied in order to determine their purpose, their differences and criteria which are important for their selection. The findings of the study suggest that Lithuanian academic publishers do not really make use of well-known and widely accepted, sometimes even free of charge, electronic publishing services.


e-publishing; research article; institutional repositories; DOI; PURL