Business: Theory and Practice 10(4): 269-275, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2009.10.269-275
Model of New Service Complete Implementation Assessment
expand article infoJuozas Bivainis, Rolandas Drejeris
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Business has not got reasoned methodology for complete implementation assessment of new service development; researches without any reasoning commonly miss the stage of complete implementation assessment or include it in the stage of commercialization of new product or service in their schemes for new product (service) development. Furthermore, utility of using results of assessment is still not clarified to the company and sequence of actions and substance of this process is still not proposed. Purposefulness of this stage is reasoned in this paper, criteria for assessment are proposed and cases which raise claimes for model’s flexibility are considered. Besides, the flexible structure model is presented, which consists of 6 functional components. Also, a set of criteria for the complete assessment of the implementing results is determined. For different cases different collections of criteria are proposed, which are made considering probability of success and the use of investment.


business of services; new services; model of implementation; development; assessment; criteria