Business: Theory and Practice 10(4): 276-284, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2009.10.276-284
The Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Human Resource Management Strategy Development: A Case of Lithuanian Telecommunication Sector
expand article infoAsta Stankevičienė, Algirdas Krivka, Ausra Liucvaitiene
Open Access

The human resources are considered as the important factor, which makes a significant impact on the performance of the organization. Therefore, the development of human resource management strategy has become the topical issue in today’s business and academy world. The paper analyses the aspects of human resource management strategy development in telecommunication companies. The research has revealed that the majority of the telecommunication companies understand the necessity of the human resource management strategy. However, the development of human resource management strategy is restricted by the attitudes of high-level managers and behaviour of employees. The companies, which participated in the survey, partly follow the widely accepted strategy development models. On the other hand, the means for the strategy development and implementation are not clear and the strategy does not reflect the main attitudes toward human resource management. The paper presents the strategy development chart which creates the preconditions to tackle the problems indicated in the survey. At the end of the paper the results of the survey are summarized and the conclusions are presented.


human resource management strategy; business and corporate strategy; development and implementation