Business: Theory and Practice 10(4): 285-297, doi: 10.3846/1648-0627.2009.10.285-297
The Influence of Mobbing as Discrimination in Employee Relations on Organizational Climate
expand article infoJolita Vveinhardt
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In the article the development and the structure of organizational climate are analysed as well as the influence of mobbing in employee relations on the organization’s climate. The source of the organizational climate’s research- psychological researches, which had developed into climate’s research at the end of the fourth decade of the last century. Analysing the development of the researches of organizational climate and characteristics it is possible to state, that there is not any conception which describes the organizational climate, that is why the authors characterize the same characteristic naming it differently. Organizational climate is the result and the sum of the relations and reactions of organization’s members, including the leaders. There are several types of climate differentiated, which only reflect the palette of the wide range of employee relations, their quality, nature and reactions. The organizational climate includes its inner and outer difficulties, the types of people, the processes of work and management, physical arrangement, interpersonal and inner ways of organization and the behaviour of the leaders in organization. The condition of the climate depends on such factors as: safety/ the feeling of determination, creativity/ initiative, values/ traditions, taking a position in the organization/ leaving, communication, the spread of information, relations with the employees, control, the interrelations between the employees, honesty,  tolerance, non-formal groups, conflicts in organization, mobbing as discrimination in employee relations, discriminative actions of mobbing. Organizational climate is a changing category; the quality of it cannot be described by constant values. The researches prove that discriminative actions of mobbing in interrelations between the employees influence the work environment climate. Discriminative behaviour damages the functions of interrelation. Mobbing, being one of the indexes of organizational climate, correlate with the other factors of organization’s climate and change the direction of their vectors. That is why the condition of the organizational climate could be viewed as an indicator which warns about the danger of mobbing as discrimination in employee relations or the absence of it. On the other hand, bad environment does not guarantee, that in this section of organization there is a mobbing case. That is why the condition of the climate is one of the signals which inspires people to look for mobbing if the environment is bad.


organizational climate; organizational culture; mobbing as discrimination in employee relations