Business: Theory and Practice 11(2): 96-106, doi: 10.3846/btp.2010.11
Identification and Analysis of the Electronic Commerce Quality Criteria
expand article infoNatalija Guseva
Open Access

Internet penetration in everyday life determined the emergence of new business area, where the businessmen can compete, offer and buy goods and services. With the view to reinforce business competitive abilities it is necessary to analyse the e-solutions, which help to reduce the distance factors and optimize information exchange process, and which become an indispensable tool for international business and marketing. This paper presents a literature review and analysis to find the guidelines of e-commerce quality assessment and choice of appropriate system, with a vast range of models proposed for e-solution quality evaluation, none of which was accepted globally. However, a content analysis allowed to identify the main groups of criteria to be applied for e-commerce quality evaluation. The list of criteria groups presented in the paper indicates those most considered by scientists and developers, and those deficient in attention. As the literature base is accumulated during long term, some of the proposed criteria could lose their importance nowadays, thus the e-commerce expert survey was performed. This survey allowed the specification of actually important e-commerce quality criteria. Despite the assumption that the most mentioned (in the literature and by the experts) criteria are of the first priority, the competitive advantage can be hidden in the analysis of less popular criteria, which can discover new potential of e-commerce quality improving, developing, and market position consolidation.

electronic commerce; quality criteria; e-commerce quality assessment; quality management; quality criteria ranking