Business: Theory and Practice 11(2): 176-183, doi: 10.3846/btp.2010.20
Development Possibilities of Features in the Virtual Person
expand article infoVytautas Sūdžius, Artūras Stepanovas
Open Access

This paper intends to evaluate the features, peculiarities and possibilities of virtual person. A person, who constantly uses social-economic information, creates human and other features of virtual person. Individuals and companies communicating in virtual space are conceivable as virtual person. The virtual person can be more flexible, better adapted to new external environment oriented to new facilities and can better avoid menaces. The biggest difference of virtual persons from traditional individual is possibility interactively communicate with members in the market, seller and buyer. Because virtual person has no walls and, practically, everyone can access other individuals or companies without restriction, they must pay big attention to be used inside and internationally. Personalisation of relationship is quite a new but very powerful tool of the companies and implementation of particular services for every customer has a very great future. The knowledge of imperatives of virtual person let us avoid rough mistakes and better use its possibilities.

Features; implement possibilities; interaction; virtual person; virtual space