Business: Theory and Practice 11(3): 266-278, doi: 10.3846/btp.2010.29
Differentiation of Income and Consumption of the Lithuanian Population
expand article infoVaida Lisauskaitė
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The article discusses the current disparities as regards the standard of living of the Lithuanian population by analysing changes in the structure and differentiation of income and consumption expenditure. This article claims that the overall economic growth of the country evaluated according to such indicators as the growth of GDP and GDP per capita, is still unable to ensure the welfare, quality of life and increase of life satisfaction among the population. With regard to evaluation of the changes in the welfare of the population, it is appropriate to consider distribution of income and consumption expenditure among different groups of society. Such an analysis of statistical data reveals the growing wealth inequality among the Lithuanian population.

economic growth; level and differentiation of income of the population; differentiation of consumption expenditure; polarisation; inequality; social disparities; quality of life