Business: Theory and Practice 11(4): 314-322, doi: 10.3846/btp.2010.34
Lithuanian Industry Personnel Value Orientation Towards Innovativeness: Analysis, Evaluation and Improvement Possibilities
expand article infoAugustinas Maceika, Bronius Jančiauskas
Open Access

The authors of this article established the goal to detect and evaluate the wide possibilities for strengthening the value orientation towards innovativeness in the industrial enterprises. For this purpose exploration of the valuation on the innovativeness as a value was made. The authors of this article performed necessary research, analyses, evaluation and generalization in order to solve this problem. There were methods applied: analysis of information sources, a sociological enquiry of industrial enterprises personnel and correlation analysis. The demand to increase valuation on innovativeness was proved after the investigation. Correlation analysis showed that there is a very weak dependence between evaluated by personnel innovativeness, annual changes and success of activity parameters. Lack of advanced knowledge of management was also established. The way to make a better situation is to use purposeful general politics for innovativeness development in the enterprises, to solve the leadership problems and to equalize the innovativeness level of the separate powerhouses.

innovation; innovativeness; value orientation; industrial enterprise; personnel management