Business: Theory and Practice 12(1): 85-91, doi: 10.3846/btp.2011.09
Forming a Perceived Franchise Value: Theoretical Insights
expand article infoRasa Levickaitė, Ramojus Reimeris
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The article is based on literature review, theoretical insights and deals with the topic of perceived franchise value. The objective of the paper is – what elements form the franchisee‘s perceived value in service business (comparing with alternative of own business model). The aim of the paper is to propose systematic value elements in the process of forming a value of a franchise business model perceived by the franchisee. In terms of practical meaning, this article should be relevant to entrepreneurs, company owners, and future entrepreneurs planning to set up their own business, but lacking the managerial experience. The scientific value of the paper is theoretical insights analyzing franchise, which has not been thoroughly analyzed in the Lithuanian academic society, and the formation of a perceived franchise value, which has not been analyzed at all. This is the second of three authors’ articles of franchise series.


franchise; franchise business model; franchise value; franchisor; franchisee; franchise in service business