Business: Theory and Practice 12(4): 315-322, doi: 10.3846/btp.2011.32
Organization of the Housing Construction Business by Assessing the Legal Background
expand article infoSigitas Mitkus
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The article deals with legal relationship established in the housing construction business between the housing acquirer and the contractor or the investor. The legal environment of business is analyzed by highlighting the peculiarities, advantages and drawbacks of legal regulation of particular business organization methods. The article discusses both, business organization principles widely known to society such as construction outsourcing or sale-purchase, and less known, however capable of being useful in the current market situation cases of long-term lease or the establishment of housing association. A lot of attention is devoted to the rights protection mechanism of the natural person/housing acquirer as a consumer established in the laws and different business organization principles applicable to a different extent. The article pays special attention to the Lithuanian court practice on the issues analyzed.


housing; construction business; construction outsourcing; purchase-sale; long-term lease; community