Business: Theory and Practice 14(3): 228-239, doi: 10.3846/btp.2013.24
An Optimisation Model for the Marketing Programmes of Companies
expand article infoIrutė Daukševičiūtė, Juozas Bivainis
Open Access
The article describes the current situation in forming the marketing programmes of companies – an increase in the extent of organisation marketing dictates the need for applying optimisation methods. However, the existing methodological potential for optimising marketing programmes is unfortunate, and therefore not ready to be applied in practice as necessary. Based on a systematic approach, the optimisation of a marketing programme in paper is treated as a complex of three partial problems inter-related at the parametric level. These problems are the formation of an optimal marketing programme, measuring return on and marketing costs. In order to compose optimal marketing programmes, the integer programming method has been used providing its formalised description in the paper. For measuring return on marketing and marketing costs, the algorithms have been proposed. The first one is based on correlation regression analysis and the second one – on the application of calculation principles. The paper provides the synthesis of the results of the proposed optimisation model for the marketing programme optimisation based on experimental modelling applying a case of a commercial bank.
marketing programme; marketing effectiveness; return on marketing; marketing costs; optimisation; integer programming; correlation regression analysis.