Business: Theory and Practice 14(3): 240-248, doi: 10.3846/btp.2013.25
Innovation and Creativity in an Industrial Enterprise
expand article infoIrena Zabielavičienė
Open Access
The article analyses factors influencing the development of innovation and creativity in national industrial organizations regarding the positions of organizational behaviour and management psychology. The paper also examines the „consolidation“ of innovation in the organization and looks at forming an innovation team. A study on the processes occurring in the teams at various stages of forming, differentiation, integration and maturity has been carried out. The article investigates changes in team relations and potential psychological problems that may appear in a team shifting from one evolution stage to another. Besides, the article provides the analysis of problems arising from the composition of the team, design of work and the context of the efficiency of the innovation team at various stages of its development. It is posited, that the relationship between team coherence and its productivity lies in the norms functioning within the team. In turn, the functions approximating the interdependence of the psychological climate taking into account the organization factors of the organization have been observed. The analysis of approximating functions reveal that when a team goes through the stages of forming, differentiation, integration and maturity, the factors of organizational behaviour exert an ever increasing influence on the psychological climate of the team. The more the team is focused on a task, the more it becomes intolerant of organizational behaviour stimuli.
innovation; creativity; creation; team; organizational behaviour