Business: Theory and Practice 14(4): 278-286, doi: 10.3846/btp.2013.29
Labour Disputes in Lithuania: Results of Legal Development and Future Prospects
expand article infoDaiva Petrylaitė, Inga Blaziene, Vida Petrylaitė, Rasa Zabarauskaitė
Open Access

The article analyses the Lithuanian labour dispute system, its specific regulatory features and problems arising in labour dispute resolution practices. Over the past decade, a procedure for initiating collective labour disputes in Lithuania has been exposed to a series of reforms, the system has been designed for a collective dispute resolution through mediation services, and legal regulation of organizing and taking part in strikes has been reformed. The paper further investigates the outcomes and effects of these lawmaking processes as well as reviews and assesses a new model of an individual labour dispute resolution system in effect from 1 January 2013 with a focus on the existing legal regulation of the institute of labour disputes and consequent generalisations and formulations on proposals for improving it.

labour disputes, alternative dispute resolution, labour relations, labour law