Business: Theory and Practice 14(4): 287-296, doi: 10.3846/btp.2013.30
Impact of the Dynamics of Stock Price Cycle on the Sustainable Development of an Investment Portfolio
expand article infoAlfredas Lukaševičius, Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas, Julija Šalengaitė
Open Access

The article examines the possibilities of interpreting stock price dynamics using the methods of technical analysis. The examination has been carried out taking into consideration different viewpoints of multiple scientists. For solving the problem of investment sustainability, the dynamics of financial markets, asset prices in different time periods and the principles of economic cycles have been analyzed. This paper presents a custom mathematical algorithm a unique tool in investment management studies created by the author of the article. The carried out investigation should aid in determining the average change in every analyzed stock price thus allowing forecasting the direction of the trend and achieving the goal of research a higherthanmarket return, in accordance with the concept of sustainability.

sustainability, stock price, dynamics of financial market cycles, investment portfolio management, mathematical