Business: Theory and Practice 15(1): 93-102, doi: 10.3846/btp.2014.09
The Place of Human Resource Management Department in Private and Public Sector Organisations in Lithuania
expand article infoJulija Šarupičiūtė, Asta Stankevičienė§
‡ Vilniaus universitetas, Lithuania§ VU, Vilnius, Lithuania
Open Access
Growing strategic significance of the human capital develops the demand of new human resource management functions, which requires constructive participation of the human resource department in the process of formation and implementation of the organisational strategy. The extent to which a human resource department is given a possibility to implement their strategic role can be explained by the place of the department within the organizational structure. The aim of the article is to identify the place human resource departments hold in private and public sector organisations in Lithuania: their role, status and functions in strategic management of organisations. To achieve this aim the survey of human resource department managers and specialists of 160 private sector and 152 public sector organisations in Lithuania was conducted. Results of the survey also aimed to demonstrate the importance of performed functions of human resource departments at present and in perspective. The research revealed that despite of recognised importance of human resource management in both private and public sector organizations of Lithuania, human resource departments remain on the level of service rather than strategic units.
human resource management; human resource departments; status of human resource department; private sector; public sector