Business: Theory and Practice 15(2): 191-197, doi: 10.3846/btp.2014.19
Electronic Marketing for the Development of International Tourism
expand article infoIgnas Dzemyda
Open Access
The article deals with the concept of e ­marketing and discusses its elements. E­marketing allows for a constructive dialogue and individualisation options. Tourism services are developing businesses, which means the beginning of the relation­ ship and communication with even larger consumer groups. This article is aimed at identifying the elements of e ­marketing in Lithuanian tourism activities. The performed tasks include providing the e­marketing concepts of theoretical aspects, actualizing e­marketing elements, e­marketing and identifying the elements of Lithuanian tourism enterprises. The paper has applied for scientific literature and employed theoretical and empirical research methods of tourism services based on the context of the enterprise.
e­marketing; e­marketing elements; the Internet; tourism; eTourism; e­marketing model.