Business: Theory and Practice 16(2): 132-139, doi: 10.3846/btp.2015.622
The Features of the Concept of Mass Customization
expand article infoSigitas Davidavičius, Ilona Skačkauskienė
‡ VGTU, Lithuania
Open Access
In order to achieve competitive advantage organizations are forced to analyse and discuss application possibilities of customized solutions. Unfortunately, the application of such solutions is associated with increases in costs, raising the time of delivery and decreasing the level of quality compared to mass-produced products. Circa 1990 the concept of mass customization was proposed which solved mentioned problems and which, compared to the mass production, has properties necessary for more efficient adaptation to changing market conditions without making concessions in price, quality and delivery time. This paper analyses the concept of mass customization aiming to define research area in order to adapt the concept for service organizations. The analysis of mass customization definitions presented in the literature was processed and summary presented, this enabled to identify the main dimensions which are characterizing mass individualization. The main types of mass customization were presented and analysed in this article as well. Comparative literature analysis, abstraction and synthesis methods were applied during the research. The results of analysis enabled to formulate guidelines of further research.
mass customization; concept; services; public services.