Business: Theory and Practice 16(3): 334-344, doi: 10.3846/btp.2015.542
Creativity components in the innovative activity
expand article infoIrena Zabielavičienė
Open Access
While performing the study of the components of creativity in innovation team, three stages of creative endeavours are indicated: comprehension, idea generation and idea implementation. It is discerned that comprehension is mostly influenced by the team members’ freedom, openness, ideological content and security. The parameters approximating the function of comprehension point to the fact that the freedom and ideological content of the team members influence their comprehension the most. The stage of idea generation contains these components of creativity: intuition, imagination, perception, resourcefulness, criticism. The approximating parameters of idea generation point to the fact that intuition and imagination have the strongest effect on idea generation. The idea implementation stage outlines these components of creativity: courage, wisdom, responsibility, and perseverance. The approximating parameters of idea implementation lead to the conclusion that courage and responsibility have the strongest effect on the implementation of ideas.
innovations; team; creativity; comprehension; idea generation; idea implementation.